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Get weird. RVA by circumstance, Boston by blood. Lover of the ocean, astrology, dogs & the most wonderful boy in all the land.


Well, I lived in the Gladding Residence Center (GRC) 2 and I absolutely loved it. I truly believe that it’s the best way to go, if you want I’ll upload some pictures of my dorm, which was small, but had plenty of space and was close enough to campus that it wasn’t a hassle in the morning. Now, I also lived on the 4th floor, and there isn’t an elevator in that phase, so that meant 4 flights of stairs daily, which actually wasn’t too bad and kept me in shape lol. But, there are two other phases there that are more money, apartment style: Phase 1 and single room style: Phase 3. I loved my room mates and had an AWESOME first year in Phase 2 though, especially cause there’s a court yard with grills and benches which is awesome for homework in the fall and spring, and it’s on the edge of campus closest to food and the gym which is rad when you’re not trying to deal with the hustle and bustle of the compass, which I have to deal with DAILY now, ugh I hate it! Hope that answers your question, but if you need more advice or anything either ask another question on here or email me,! Hope you’re stoked for the next year! It’ll be fun as hell, I promise.

The freshman just came on the radio as I’m taking my makeup off… Perfect ending.